Encrypt, Obfuscate and Protect Proprietary Scripts

Yes you can. We have an automated, menu driven tool that allows users to complete the encryption and obfuscation of several scripts within seconds.

Click the link below to view a screenshot of this tool:

Menu Driven Shell Script Encryption Automation

Yes, this tool comes with all of our encryption packages (shell, perl, python, php, ruby, rcode, all).
1). Encrypt your scripts without having to compile them

	- You get to run your encrypted script on any UNIX OS without having to recompile for each OS

2). Utilize a comprehensive encryption algorithm no one else knows about

	- The program we use to encrypt your scripts isn't running rampant on the internet

		- No one really knows how we encrypted your script because the tool we use belongs to us
		  and is not available anywhere else on the internet.

			- We personalize the tool for each individual user so that no one person can use
			  use their version to decrypt someone else's scripts.

				- By encrypting your files with us, you can rest assured no one can see
				  your hidden information.

3). Be able to specify expiration dates on all scripts

4). Prevent your scripts from being duplicated on the same system

5). Prevent all attempts to modify your script

	- Any attempt to alter or modify your encrypted script will render it inoperable

		- That's right, if you add just one character to it, it wont work, you'd have to
		  rebuld the script again or just remove the character.

6). Prevent people from being able to see how your encrypted script works

	- Any attempt to run a debugger (or anything like it) on your protected script to see
	  what it is doing will cause the script to fail!

7. Get email notifications whenever someone tries to modify, create copies, or screw with the
   configurations of your script
Yes. You can purchase your own licensed standalone version of our interpreted language encryption tool by picking any of the options on the right hand column of this page.

Each of the options listed in the right column allows you to:

	1. Encrypt and Obfuscate as many scripts as you want from the command line

		All you really have to do is run one simple command, with arguments passed to it

	2. Avoid having to copy and paste sensitive scripts to an external website

		Sensitive scripts can be:

			Any script with usernames and passwords stored in it

			Any script containing proprietary information you don't want to make public

	3. Set expiration dates on all scripts encrypted

		Expiration dates prevents the usage of your scripts after the expiration date

			You can set your scripts to auto self destruct upon expiration

	4. Encrypt the same file or script each time it is updated

	5. Be able to use your encrypted scripts on most UNIX OSes

		This portability ensures you never have to require your users to compile
		a script for any specific OS

			Works on Linux, AIX and Macs

	6. Get email notifications whenever attempts are made to modify or make copies of your script

	7. Encrypt and obfuscate not just shell scripts but ruby, perl, python & php scripts as well

	8. Encrypt multiple scripts and files with a simple one liner and a list file

		Avoid time consuming or complicated procedural steps!

			Automatically encrypt multiple scripts at once, using our newly developed menu driven interface

	9. Free Support:  We provide free technical support to all customers
There are no chances of that ever happening! If you are actually able to break into the encrypted script we generate for you, feel free to request a refund.  We'll gladly give it to you.
Yes, it is extremely easy to do.  The Menu Driven Shell Script Encryption Automation that comes with each of our encryption packages, is designed to shield customers from the very technical aspect of the encryption and obfuscation process. 

Through the menu driven interface, you can choose to encrypt multiple scripts specified in either a list file or a directory of scripts.  The encrypted scripts will be packaged into one zip file or tar file, which you can then give to your customers. 

When your customer receives the zip or tar file, all that they'll need to do is unzip or untar the package, and run one simple script to set up the encrypted scripts enclosed in it.
Of course you can. Click on the first box on right column, and copy and paste your code to the space provided to generate an encrypted copy.

Again, if you can actually break into the encrypted script we produce for you, then just don't buy the tool, and if you've already bought it, feel free to request a refund.
Yes.  We add several layers of security to your script, so much that, if we had to decode it ourselves, we would have to run a tool against it to do it for us automatically since it is just too complicated to be done by hand!

Along with other security measures, we allow users to specify how long a script is to be valid for.  After the set date, the script will no longer function!
As many as you want.  Note, however, every script you encrypt using our free service from the home page will expire within 1 day (24 hours). 

To encrypt unlimited scripts and to be able to specify expiration dates on each of those scripts, you'll need to purchase a licensed version of the tool.
Protect your scripts from those who wish to steal your ideas and claim it as their own

Prevent people from being able to keep tabs on you, if you work in a lab-like environment where everyone has root access

Our encryption tool ensures even those with root privileges will not be able to pry into your scripts!

Hide passwords that you don't want to make easy for anyone to have access to

Sell your scripts to a third party without giving away any proprietary information

Get alert notifications whenever attempts are made by others to hack into your scripts
Yes. We can encrypt Shell Scripts, Perl Scripts, Ruby Scripts, Python Scripts, PHP Scripts and RScripts (rcode).  You can paste any of these scripts on our home page so you get a feel for how our encryption/obfuscation works.
1. wget link-to-the-zip-file
2. unzip the-newly-downloaded-zip-file
3. cd /tmp/KingLazySHIELD
4. ./install.sh /var/tmp/KINGLAZY/SHIELDX-(your-script-name) /home/(your-username) -force


4. ./install.sh now (this will install in your home ( ${HOME} ) directory
All scripts that are encrypted through the 'copy and paste' mechanism provided on thehome page are valid for 1 day. After that, you can purchase the extended version which will allow you to encrypt unlimited scripts without having to paste them onto our website. The most common reason users sign up for the extended version is to be able to encrypt their scripts whenever they make updates to them.  For instance, if you make changes to your script(s) on a regular basis, you'll want to of course encrypt each new updated copy of it.
You can:

Purchase and download your own personalized version of the tool by picking any of options listed here
This will enable you to avoid submitting any extremely sensitive scripts to our website
It allows you to encrypt as many scripts as you desire, right from your own server or host
Set expiration dates to be as long or short as you want

Contact us at Support@EnScryption.com for more information or other options.
Here are your options:

Rely on permissions/ownership as your only means of protection (Very Weak)

Use a compilation/obfuscation method everyone on the internet knows about, which makes your scripts likely to be more hackable! (Ok/Strong)

Or use our unique encryption algorithm that ensures no one can easily unveil your protected code (Very Strong!)